In less than 5 minutes your kids can experience the joys of success. Seeing These Kids Excitement is Believing

All you need is internet and devices (PC, Chromebook, Tablet, SmartPhone) and a Projector.

This 3 week trial will let you sample and experience Fluintcy in its full force, allowing kids to feel accomplished and a desire to learn. Feeling successful in Math is over half the battle.


Prevention is key.  At this age students start to get a sense of numbers, but start forming bad habits such as counting on their fingers.  The software helps them to bypass that habit and develop mental math fluency.  Kids start with basic keyboarding skills and number recognition and can advance into algebra in a matter of months.


Filling the mathematic gaps.  By now if students haven't learned their math facts, they will exhibit signs of struggling to get basic arithmetic done in a timely manner.  Many students are moved on to higher standards due to pacing structures, leaving gaps in their fundamentals.  Some may even be held back.  Kids here start at level one and as they progress through the problems, they identify and fill the gaps. 

Great for any primary school teacher and math coordinator.



Intervention for their future.  Many kids journey through their academic career just getting by, leaving widening gaps in their mathematical skills.  Some don't even realize by this point that they were lacking in basic standards.  We help the student and the teacher identify gaps in their skills as they climb the ladder of success as well as make them more receptive to high-level math lessons by getting their brain flowing through this exercise.  It's like PE for the brain.

Great for any intervention programs or teachers with ED students.